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Natalie Schorr - drawing guru

I've been drawing for a very long time.

Natalie Schorr new self portrait on the inside of a discarded library book

While my art work is primarily portraiture, I enjoy trying new materials and tools, as well as seeing the work of others.

I especially enjoy working with non-traditional materials and recycled items, particularly old books and vintage ephemera. I am drawn to the secret history these items possess; where they've been, to whom they belonged, their travels and travails.

I want to give them a new life; not necessarily the life for which they were made. I hope they find peace in their resurrection as art. 


I attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where I received my BFA in Costume Design in 1983. 

I went on to receive my MFA fro Carnegie Mellon University in Scene Design in 1986. 

I spent 12 years as an Art Director and Set Designer for the motion picture and television industry, where I drafted sets - yes, with pencils on paper - for 72 hours a week. I still use those same drafting pencils even now for most of my graphite work.  

Natalie Schorr conntemporary drawing self portrait on a discarded library book

After that, there were many wonderful years of raising children and working on my art. I did - and still do - a lot of experimentation with various forms of printmaking and collage, but in the end I always come back to drawing. 

Currently, I do IT work and research for a company nearby. It's not always ideal, but that's how life is right now. 

Regardless of the trying times, I still manage to produce work consistently. You may find my originals on ottoblotto at Etsy, and affordable reproductions on a variety of substrates at Incomplete Thoughts on Zazzle. I hope you will visit.

So what qualifies me to call myself a drawing guru? Nothing really. I haven't asked for permission; who would I ask?